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Wizard Nebula - NGC 7380

Pacman Nebula - NGC 281

Cocoon Nebula - IC 5146 / Caldwell 19

Slightly out of focus :/

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Comet P/Wirtanen (46P)

Comet P/Wirtanen (46P)

Komet Kudo-Fujikawa C/2002 X5

The comet was observed on the of january 2019 22.16 UT +. No Moon. FFC 150 mm, HEQ5, Atik 460EX. Unguided. 17 pics a 60 sec, darks, flats. Orientation inverted. DSS, Astroart7. Clear weather, -5C.The comet was observed on the og january 2019 at about 22.30 UT. with the Moon at colongitude 52 degrees at a distance of 54 degrees. 8 pics a 60 sec. Darks and flats. The doughnut was impossible to remove, but has a beaty all by itself. Unguided. Of note: a field with a galaxy cluster and therefore strewn with countless tiny galaxies.Background had a very low NELM

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Lower half of Orion

Bubble Nebula NGC7635

Horsehead Nebulae

Bubble Nebula taken from my backyard on a single night with few clouds coming and going. Sub frames taken: Ha as red: 11 x 600s = 1h50m. Green: 11 x 300s = 55m. Blue: 8 x 300s = 40m.Taken with Skywatcher 100ED Black Diamond with 0.85x reducer on a AZ-EQ6 mount. Camera used: ASI1600MM with gain 139 (medium) and at -30 degrees. Image is stacked by: 16x300s Ha, 5x120s GB, 5x30s L. Stacket and integrated in PixInsight as LRGB where R=Ha. TIFF edited afterwards in CaptureOne12.

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Quick NB test

m81 & m82

IC 1396 - Elephant Trunk

I recently recieved my new Baader Ultra Narrowband HA filter and wanted to do q quick testWell somewhere along the way i have goofed it seems, i'm still learning Pixinsight and the use of masks! :) I might need to re-stack and do the whole thing over again some dayIC 1396 Taken over 3 nights. 17, 18 and 20 of April. Still learning the ropes of my 1600mm camera. I only have the LRGB filters so far, but i was desperate for some HA data due to the full moon, so i improvised and managed to use my canon clip in HA filter with the 1600mm, it's not ideal but it worked okay :)

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IC1396 / Elephant's Trunk

Bubble Nebula

Lowflying Eagle seen from Denmark

Here in Denmark at 55°N, it still doesn't get real dark. But I am eager to try out my new camera, and since I saw the iconic Hubble picture of the Pillars of Creation I have wanted to see it with my own eyes and image it on my own. Last Year, I saw it visually at Emberger Alm in the souther austrian alps. And two nights ago, july 23/24, it was clear, so I gave it a go. The pillars are there all right, but I am not pleased with the stars, they have a clear blurring with all filters (LRGB) in vertical direction. It may be due to atmospheric dispersion (M16 was at 18° altitude) or it could be caused by internal air flow (I was testing heating on all mirrors earlier that evening, and forgot to turn it off again!!!) 144 images in total, 36 on each filter, L, R, G and B. Exposure time ranging from 15 to 30 seconds.

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C-2018 W2 (Africano) 03.08.2019

SN2019ein in NGC5353 + surrounding galaxies

M13 (First light with new scope)

I imaged SN2019ein during the testing phase of the new scope and thought it was a pretty nice FOV so i ended up making an actual image of this area.This is first light from SkyEyE Observatory with our now AG Optical FA14, a 14.5" f5 reflector. Despite the bad collimation and no flats i'm pretty happy with this as first light for the scope. The scope was no collimated before first lights as we had to figure out the imaging train first to get correct distance for the extremely short Optec Gemini focuser with 12.7mm travel.