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97% Moon 12.10.2019

C-2018 W2 (Africano) 03.08.2019

SN2019ein in NGC5353 + surrounding galaxies

I imaged SN2019ein during the testing phase of the new scope and thought it was a pretty nice FOV so i ended up making an actual image of this area.

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Horse Head Nebula - Barnard 33

IC1795 / Fish Head Nubula - Ha + O-III bicolor

IC1396 / Elephant's Trunk

My very first attempt to make a bi-color narrowband DS image.

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Lower half of Orion

Bubble Nebula NGC7635

Horsehead Nebulae

Bubble Nebula taken from my backyard on a single night with few clouds coming and going. Sub frames taken: Ha as red: 11 x 600s = 1h50m. Green: 11 x 300s = 55m. Blue: 8 x 300s = 40m.Taken with Skywatcher 100ED Black Diamond with 0.85x reducer on a AZ-EQ6 mount. Camera used: ASI1600MM with gain 139 (medium) and at -30 degrees. Image is stacked by: 16x300s Ha, 5x120s GB, 5x30s L. Stacket and integrated in PixInsight as LRGB where R=Ha. TIFF edited afterwards in CaptureOne12.

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Comet P/Wirtanen (46P)

Comet P/Wirtanen (46P)

Komet Kudo-Fujikawa C/2002 X5

The comet was observed on the of january 2019 22.16 UT +. No Moon. FFC 150 mm, HEQ5, Atik 460EX. Unguided. 17 pics a 60 sec, darks, flats. Orientation inverted. DSS, Astroart7. Clear weather, -5C.The comet was observed on the og january 2019 at about 22.30 UT. with the Moon at colongitude 52 degrees at a distance of 54 degrees. 8 pics a 60 sec. Darks and flats. The doughnut was impossible to remove, but has a beaty all by itself. Unguided. Of note: a field with a galaxy cluster and therefore strewn with countless tiny galaxies.Background had a very low NELM

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IC1848 - Soul Nebula

Quick NB test

m81 & m82

My first try with narrowband combination, HOO in this case. Unfortunately my framing was more of than i first anticipated :)I recently recieved my new Baader Ultra Narrowband HA filter and wanted to do q quick testWell somewhere along the way i have goofed it seems, i'm still learning Pixinsight and the use of masks! :) I might need to re-stack and do the whole thing over again some day

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NGC 7129 and NGC 7142

The Wizard Nebula - NGC 7380

Silver Sliver Galaxy - NGC 891 - Caldwell 23

First attempt at using StarTools for image processing.

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