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M64 - Evil Eye Galaxy / Black Eye Galaxy

Arp 214 (NGC 3718) and NGC 3729

Dark Side of The Moon

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Abell 1656 (Coma Cluster) (Luminance Only)

54% moon 01.04.2020

33% moon 30.03.2020

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Messier 14

Sunspot region AR2765 time lapse

NGC 7331

A bit disappointed with the outcome of this image. For reasons I don't quite understand, I have completely failed at retaining any colors in the stars... :/Animation of 7 images of sunspot region AR2765 captured over 10 days.24 h daylight here, so just reprocessing some old data...

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Lunar Sail

M45 - The Seven Sisters

Double Cluster in Perseus

Just a quick little lunar shot before starting the nights real imaging run.M45 also known as "The Seven Sisters" This data has been sitting on my PC for 6 months now, I messed up the flats and couldn't take new ones. So getting a good flat field was very problematic. The data was acquired during some very wet nights sometime in the fall so overall it is not great data. Just wanted to get this troublesome image out and away so I can get to some more interresting data. :)This is an image of the Double Cluster in constellation Perseus. These clusters are approximately 7500 lightyears away, but approaching us at a rate of around 38-39 km/s. Each cluster contains about 300 blue/white supergiants. The age is estimated to be around 12,8 million years old, which in astronomical tearms are very young. The data was captured while waiting for my real target, The Pleiades to rise over the roof of the neighbours house. Unfortunately it was extremely moist that night, and both guiding and image quality suffered from it. Very basic edit of this data was performed in PixInsight. WBPP for calibration and stacking using darks, flats and flatdarks. DBE on each master. RGB combination. Photometric color calibration. TGV and MMT denoising. Multiple rounds of Histrogram Transformation (stretch). Desaturate background with curves. Multiple rounds of Curves for contrast boost and color tweaking and saturation. Morphological Transformation with Erosion to soften stars and bring some more color into them. Resample to 50% for webposting. 80xR @ 30s Unity gain 80xG @ 30s Unity gain 80xB @ 30s Unity gain

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McNeils Nebula

BAA has reported McNeils nebula as missing. As you can see, it's all gone.

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M63 - Sunflower Galaxy

Cygnus Widefield

Leo Triplet

M63: The data was captured back in the middle of April, on various nights. I hope you like it, constructive criticism is more than welcome :)Just a quick test, using a 50mm canon lens on my ZWO ASI 1600mmMy take on the Leo Triplet. In all my wisdom i decided to try to get better balance in the daytime, not thinking this through has resultet in even more spikes on my stars and misaligned frames! :) Fortunately a good friend helped me stack and calibrate the data so i could make a final picture after all :) Thank you for your help Xplode! :)

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