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m81 & m82

IC 1396 - Elephant Trunk

Comet 46P/Wirtanen

Well somewhere along the way i have goofed it seems, i'm still learning Pixinsight and the use of masks! :) I might need to re-stack and do the whole thing over again some dayIC 1396 Taken over 3 nights. 17, 18 and 20 of April. Still learning the ropes of my 1600mm camera. I only have the LRGB filters so far, but i was desperate for some HA data due to the full moon, so i improvised and managed to use my canon clip in HA filter with the 1600mm, it's not ideal but it worked okay :)46P/Wirtanen 2018-12-10

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IC1396 Ha with no Stars


Captured over several weeks from my friend Tommy Linnerud's observatory. RGB is a mix of 1x1 and 2x2 bin.

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Moon with Rupes Recta

Rupes Recta

SN2019ehk in M100

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Comet P/Wirtanen (46P)

Comet P/Wirtanen (46P)

Komet Kudo-Fujikawa C/2002 X5

The comet was observed on the of january 2019 22.16 UT +. No Moon. FFC 150 mm, HEQ5, Atik 460EX. Unguided. 17 pics a 60 sec, darks, flats. Orientation inverted. DSS, Astroart7. Clear weather, -5C.The comet was observed on the og january 2019 at about 22.30 UT. with the Moon at colongitude 52 degrees at a distance of 54 degrees. 8 pics a 60 sec. Darks and flats. The doughnut was impossible to remove, but has a beaty all by itself. Unguided. Of note: a field with a galaxy cluster and therefore strewn with countless tiny galaxies.Background had a very low NELM