AstroBin id: rudibr
astronet bruger: Rudi

Maffei 1 - A bashful galaxy


Elephant Trunk

Two nights of data Lights: 40 x 200 [s] + 36 x 200 [s] + 1 x 240 [s] + 1 x 480 [s] + 1 x 60 [s] + 1 x 150 [s].

AstroBin id: Viggo
astronet bruger: Viggo T

Comet P/Wirtanen (46P)

Komet Kudo-Fujikawa C/2002 X5

McNeils Nebula

The comet was observed on the og january 2019 at about 22.30 UT. with the Moon at colongitude 52 degrees at a distance of 54 degrees. Of note: a field with a galaxy cluster and therefore strewn with countless tiny galaxies.Background had a very low NELMBAA has reported McNeils nebula as missing. As you can see, it's all gone.

AstroBin id: Xplode
astronet bruger: Xplode



Rosette Nebula

This was imaged remotely from Tommy Linneruds observatory, (Askvang Observatory) by me and was edited by Ola Skarpen. Data was gathered over many nights and a lot of data was thrown away because of clouds.