MPO canopus er nu i version 10.8 Opdateringen skal hentes inden 1 jan

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#1 MPO canopus er nu i version 10.8 Opdateringen skal hentes inden 1 jan

Indlæg af nightsky » 04 dec 2019, 18:09

Hejsa alle,

Brain Warner har netop udgivet ver 10.8 af MPO Canopus. Er selv ved at downloade ISO filen nu.

Fra Brian:
New ISO images are available for download. If you ordered within the last month or so, use the link that was in your email with download instructions. For those needing the new link, please contact me off-line (include your invoice number or date of order). You'll also need the release codes for individual programs; these were in PDF attachments to that original email and have not changed.

The current link expires on 2019 December 31. Please try to get the new files before then but, if not possible, the expiration date will be automatically extended.

I apologize that the updates are not available as simple files with just the program. Version 10.8 supports a new catalog (ATLAS) and there were some other bookkeeping changes that make it worthwhile to download the ISO image(s) again. Eventually, I'll make "simple update" programs available, but it could be awhile.

The release code for MPO2020, now on the STARTER ISO, is the same as for MPO2019. So, if you purchased MPO2019, you can get the updated program and 2020-specific files.

Be sure to download and read the revised Installation Guide as well. Please note the mandatory acknowledgement statement if you use the ATLAS catalog.

Version 10.8 of MPO Canopus, MPO Connections, and MPO2020 include support for the ATLAS catalog. MPO LCInvert has some minor improvements.
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#2 Re: MPO canopus er nu i version 10.8 Opdateringen skal hentes inden 1 jan

Indlæg af KimLang » 04 dec 2019, 18:17

Hej Lars. Tak for tippet.
Med venlig hilsen Kim Lang, Klokkerholm observatoriet.

14" F/4,5 Newton carbon fiber OTA med 3" Feather Touch Focuser, 3" Wynne-Riccardi correktor, Moravian G2-3200 og EFW-2S-12 på Mesu-200 montering og Siderial Techonogy Servo II controller ... og en forbløffende mængde andre astro-dimser!

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